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ANDREAROSES is a rose farm located in the heart of highland of South America, the middle of the world, Cayambe - Ecuador. Cayambe is an agricultural town in the north part of the country, mainly filled of flowers plantations. Moreover, Cayambe is the only volcano in the world that lies across the equator and it is the third highest mountain in Ecuador. 

Since 1998, ANDREAROSES has been promoting and contributing to the society in the cultivation and exportation of high quality roses to different parts of the world. 

At 3000 meters above sea level, ANDREAROSES has the best geographical 

conditions to produce the highest quality roses of the world. ANDREAROSES family is made up of 80 employees, who delicately grow roses that at-tract our customers every day. It is a pleasure to present you our varieties, guaranteeing large blooms and radiant colors. 

Andrea Jaramillo


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